I have been doing elearning since the early 2000s. Originally, I used Dreamweaver and Flash. View my "Legacy Flash" page if you want to see some of the older stuff I did. Currently, I am using Captivate, Articulate Storyline and Moodle to deliver online training to learners within the state of Maine and also in some national projects. Most of the trainings are closed to the public, but here is a sampling of the work I have done.  Click them below to view them.


DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for the actual content (words) in these exercises and lessons. I control the visual aspects and functionality only. I have talented subject matter expert colleagues and partners who supply me with the content.

An example of a "quick" interaction to reinforce learning

Specific scenarios with answers to help make the material easier to understand

A longer "game" to really make sure the learner understands the material by not allowing advancement until a correct answer is given

As part of a larger overall training - long actual "lesson" that incorporates learning by reading, watching videos (which I "built" by the way) and interaction